New to cloth?

Hand cradling feet of newborn baby

The world of cloth nappies can be a tricky one to navigate. I remember spending hours reading and comparing information on numerous retailers website just to get and handle of this new language.

One thing I discovered very early on is that there are a lot a acronyms and understanding these was my key to understanding the products. I'll give you a quick rundown of the ones most commonly used and of frequently used terms.

Types of nappy:

AIO: All in one. Nappies waterproof outer and absorbent inserts are one unit and cannot be separated.

AI2: All in 2. Nappies waterproof outer and adsorbent inners can be separated. These can be further divided into pockets, snap-ins or

Fitted: Absorbent "nappy" shaped item that is secured with snaps, Velcro or a snappi. Will feel wet on outside when used

Hybrid: Nappy is not 100% waterproof and will feel damp on the outside when used.

Sizes of nappies:

OSFM: One size fits most, usually a few weeks after birth to toilet training for most children.

LOSFM: Large one size fits most, fits on bigger babies better. For example our LOSFM can be used as a night nappy on my 4 year old and as a day nappy on my 14 month old. If your baby is on the chunkier side like my little darling, born at 4.3kgs, I would consider using LOSFM so you can ensure they last till toilet training.

Newborn: To fit newborns until 3-4 months for most babies.

Sized: Will only fit a specific weight range. An example would be Size 1 fitting from 2.5-8kgs, size 2 fitting from 5-14kgs, size 3 from 12-25kgs.

You may have noticed I have highlighted the word "most" frequently, this is because there are many factors that contribute to a nappy fitting well. Build plays a huge role. chunky newborns may fit OSFM straight away and some skinny minis will continue to be able to fit "Newborns" until 7-8 months of age.


Condition: Used on Buy swap sell pages specifically for nappies

EUC: Excellent used condition 

VGUC: Very good used condition

GUC: Good used condition

PUC: Poor used condition

General terminology:

OTB: On the bum

ISO: In search of

DISO: Desperately in search of


For more information, visit the Clean cloth Nappies website for a full rundown of all the different nappies available and frequently asked questions.

I'm happy to help out if you have any more questions for me, I have been using cloth nappies for over 4 years so should be able to help. Just send me an email using the contact button down at the bottom of the page.

You can also seek help with thing like fitting Little Fish nappies by posting to our Facebook group.