Caring for your cloth

One of the biggest challenges when using modern cloth nappies is "How do I clean them properly?"

Lots of research has gone into this question with parents from around the world weighing in. Most agree to the following wash routine however you know your washing machine and water quality best so adjust as you see fit.

Step one:

Remove all solid waste as best you can and place into toilet. This can be done using a spray attachment on your toilet or with a good old poo scraper. Wet nappies do not need rinsing.

Step two:

Remove inserts from nappy and place everything into a dry pail.

Step three:

Wash nappies after they have been used within 48 hours at 40-60C on a short cycle. Use a good detergent without brighteners, I use Biozet. Once washed, pop back into a dry pail. Its a good idea to have a "washed once" dry pail as these nappies can wait up to three days for their main wash.

Step four:

Main wash all pre-washed nappies with a long cycle at 40-60C. I use the soak cycle as all other ones are only 50 minutes, you are aiming for over 1.5 hours to make sure all that wee has dissipated. 

Step 5:

Dry your shells ideally in the shade in a well ventilated area, do not tumble dry! Inserts may be tumbled dried or line dried in the sun.

Following these instructions will ensure your nappies are properly cleaned and last for a long time. If you use night nappies, they need to be rinsed thoroughly and immediately after use to prevent ammonia build up and degradation of materials.

If you are still seeking answers on how to remove a particular stain or are wanting to perfect the settings on your machine I recommend you check out this website: