About our Nappies

What are the features of Little Fish nappies?

Here at little fish we offer three different cuts of nappies to suit a larger range of babies.

We have our Guppy or Newborn size (2.9-8kgs), Koi or OSFM (3.5-17kgs) and the Snapper our LOSFM (7-24kgs). The Koi and the Snapper nappies have the following features:

  • Soft suede cloth lining to keep baby feeling dry
  • Popped wings to minimise wing curl and for aesthetic
  • Pocket at the back elastic so you can stuff your inserts or lay on top.
  • Single row of snaps on the waist to allow for quick changes.
  • Soft tummy elastics to prevent gaping
  • Trim fitting


The Koi is our One Size Fits Most (OSFM) and is suited to babies 3.5 to 17kgs depending on build. The Koi is a great fit for most babies and our most popular product. We recently updated the fit of the Koi based on customer feedback and are offering a older version as a reduced price, V1 and our new and improved V2 at our standard pricing.

This nappy is best paired with the snake set because it is easy for the insert to "grow" with the baby. The Mega fold can fit however only comfortably on the highest rise setting or unsnapped.


The Snapper is our Large One Size Fits Most (LOSFM) and is suited to babies 7- 24kgs depending on build. This nappy is great if your baby is a little on the chunkier side and needs that extra room around the legs for their luscious thighs.

This shell pairs well with both insert sets so you can pair the inserts with the wetting capacity of your baby.


 The Guppy is our newest (and cutest) product to be made here at Little Fish.

Every guppy comes with a trifold and booster that is simply placed in the nappy. The shell is too tiny to accommodate a pocket and snap in inserts would have irritated delicate skin. Suitable for babies 2.9 to 8kgs this will see most babies out of the newborn stage and into giggles and rolling, approximately 4-5 months.


What nappy should I buy?

Well that's up to you! There are many factors that can influence what nappy might be the best fit for your baby. I'm happy to have a chat about what might be best for your child anytime. To see how they fit on other babies look for our VIP group on Facebook, Little Fish Collective VIP's. Feel free to ask any questions on there.